How to Book a Government Ferry in Andaman: A Step-by-Step Guide

Jul 11, 2024 | Blog

Government ferries are the backbone of Andaman and Nicobar islands, heavily relied upon by locals. These ferries are subsidized, well-connected, and an essential mode of public transportation. The Andaman and Nicobar administration runs regular ferry services that connect the islands to the capital, Port Blair. Below, we’ll cover the procedure of booking a government ferry in Andaman stepwise, that can make your next trip hassle-free. Let’s dig in.

Understanding Andaman’s Government Ferry Services

The Directorate of Shipping Services (DSS) operates government ferries in Andaman, primarily for the convenience of local residents and tourists. These ferries usually run daily from Phoenix Bay Jetty. Traveling on a government ferry requires some planning and research into ferry timings and availability, which can help avoid unnecessary stress and disappointment during your trip. The ferry schedules are subject to change and are published daily in local newspapers. 

Step by Step Guide to Booking Government Ferry in Andaman

1) Account Creation or Login: 

Begin your journey by either creating a new account or securely logging into the e-ticketing website of Directorate of Shipping Services (DSS).

2) Enter Journey Details: 

Provide essential information such as your departure date, preferred departure time, and destination. This step ensures that the system can accurately present available travel options tailored to your needs.

3) Select Vessel and Check Availability: 

While you book any government ferry in Andaman, browse through a selection of vessels, each offering various amenities and schedules. Check the availability of seats and review fare options to select the most suitable choice for your journey.

4) Passenger Information: 

Enter detailed information about each passenger traveling with you. This includes name, age (if applicable), and any special requirements to ensure a comfortable travel experience.

5) Review and Confirm: 

Take a moment to review all entered details carefully. Confirm that your journey specifics, passenger information, and selected vessel align with your travel plans before proceeding to the next step.

6) Payment: 

Securely process your payment through the website’s trusted payment gateway. Ensure your transaction is safe and convenient, offering multiple payment options for your ease of use.

7) Confirmation and Ticket Delivery: 

Once your payment is successfully processed, you will receive an instant confirmation of your booking. E-tickets will be promptly delivered to your registered email address and mobile number.

Cancellation and Refund Policies of Government Ferry in Andaman

If your voyage is canceled by DSS, a complete refund will be processed. For delays exceeding 6 hours, a full refund will also be provided. Cancellations must be made online. Please note that cancellations cannot be made within 2 hours prior to the scheduled sailing time.

Pro Tips from Andaman Love

  • DSS (Directorate of Shipping Services) operates over 30 ships, each varying in make and speed. Identify the ship’s name and its travel time to your destination.
  • When booking tickets for the government ferry in Andaman, consider the class suitable for your trip length. AC chairs are ideal for short trips, while cabins or sleepers are better for longer journeys.
  • While onboard, don’t miss experiencing the open deck. Always carry a bedsheet or travel pillow, especially on long ferry rides.
  • Check if the ferry has a canteen; if not, bring enough food with you. Some ferries make multiple stops at islands, significantly extending travel time. Direct ferries are preferable if available.
  • Engage with locals onboard to learn more about island life and their experiences.


So, whether you’re embarking on a 5 nights and 6 days Andaman honeymoon package or enjoying a family adventure, our Andaman Tour Packages ensure smooth travel every single time. The next time you set sail for Andaman, share your finds with us!