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Over the past few decades, the Andaman and Nicobar islands have received a tremendous amount of popularity. Adorned with shimmering white beaches, verdant forests, a vast stretch of aquamarine seascape, mysterious underwater lives and architecture that reeks of a colonial past, Andaman offers a plethora of getaways and it is safe enough to say that the place will keep you wanting for more. The divine archipelago has quite a few landscaped vistas out of which Havelock island is the most popular and a definite part of every Andaman packages.


Officially named Swaraj Dweep, Havelock island spreads across an area of 113.93 sq. kms and is located 57 kms northeast of the capital city of Port Blair. Named after the British General Henry Havelock, Havelock island is a hidden gem for beach lovers and explorers. It is the largest of all islands belonging to the Ritchie’s Archipelago and is administratively part of South Andaman. The island is a massive hit amongst young couples and is an indefinite part of the Andaman honeymoon packages.


Havelock island is a paradise for beach lovers. Out of the 5 main beaches, Radhanagar beach and Elephant beach are located on the western end of the island whereas Kalapathar, Govindnagar and Vijaynagar beach lie on the east coast.

• RADHANAGAR BEACH : The mesmerizing Radhanagar beach located approximately 10 kms from the Havelock jetty, is a supreme spot of attraction. It is the 7th most beautiful beach in the world and was also conferred the title of “Best Beach of Asia” by Time’s Magazine in 2004. The beach is famously known as Beach No. 7. Replete with natural scenic beauty and a sandy stretch, Radhanagar beach is reputed for its breathtaking sunset views. The vast shoreline stretches across 2 kms and tourists may enjoy swimming and snorkeling at Neil’s Cove. There are a lot of food stalls where you can treat yourselves to Indian snacks and beverages along with shopping.

• ELEPHANT BEACH : Elephant beach is one of the most commercialized beaches in Havelock island with a multitude of tourists acquainting the beach every day. The beach is famous for various water sport activities like snorkeling, swimming and diving. The other adventurous options are bird watching, trekking and kayaking. The beach is also revered for the exotic presence of coral reefs. Sea-walking and glass-bottom boat trip is a much sought after activity. The beach offers a range of exciting food and drinks for tourists to indulge in relaxation.

• KALAPATHAR BEACH : Kalapathar beach is located on the east coast of Havelock and has derived its name from a black road that runs parallel to the seashore. The beach is extremely small and is comparatively less crowded than the other beaches. Hence, it is an ideal spot for couples and families who would like to opt for some privacy, peace and calm. Also, the island provides a romantic sunset view which is perfect for couples. The shore is lined with dense forests adding a natural twist. This beach can be visited over a stopover trip.

• VIJAYNAGAR BEACH : One of the most famous beaches on Havelock island, Vijaynagar beach is revered mainly by beach explorers who can indulge in bird watching, trekking, fishing and water sport activities like snorkeling, sailing, swimming and kayaking. The beach is well connected with auto-rickshaws and taxis. The beach, like the rest, is well abounded with coconut trees and it is ideal for sunrise views.

• GOVINDNAGAR BEACH : Govindnagar beach is a vast expanse of sandy white beaches and clear blue water. The beach constitutes some of the most luxury resorts on the islands. Tourists can also view the sunrise from this beach although it isn’t as clear as Kalapathar beach. The beach is mainly famous for a variety of resorts and restaurants.


Havelock island is a haven for adventure buffs as it offers a surfeit of water sports and other recreational activities. So, if you have been missing out on your adrenaline rush, this spot is your one-stop solution. Some of the famous activities that can be undertaken on this island are:

• WATER SPORT ACTIVITIES: Some of the most exciting water activities that can be undertaken mainly in Radhanagar beach and Elephant beach, are banana-boat rides, parasailing, sea-walking, hiking, surfing, trekking, fishing, kayaking, speed-boating and jet-skiing.

• NIGHT LIFE: If you are on your honeymoon, you can expect an amazing romantic moment with your better half on Havelock island. The best restaurants and pubs are located near Govindnagar beach where you can get a taste of enthralling night life with DJs and live music. Something Different- A beachside Café, Venom Bar and Night Orchid are some of the places for a happening night life.


Havelock island has always been a steady hit amongst couples, groups and families. It is due to this reason the place offers a multitude of stay options like basic, budget, standard and luxury hotels. Some of the places of accommodation available are:

• TAJ EXOTICA RESORT AND SPA: Taj Exotica Resort and Spa located on Havelock island is the only resort with a 5-star rating in the entire Andaman archipelago. This resort consists of 54 modern luxury villas and is located on Radhanagar Beach occupying 46 acres of land steeped in coconut and palmyra trees. It is also adorned with a thick growth of mangroves. Property amenities and fun activities in the resort include yoga, swimming, coconut-tree climbing, visits to the organic garden and dancing to the tune of blues and jazz.

• BAREFOOT AT HAVELOCK: Located on Beach no. 7 this resort is the first eco-retreat of the Barefoot Group. The resort is surrounded by ancient mahua trees and tropical fruit trees. The resort is well-maintained with security equipment and property amenities include a spa, concierge, laundry services, air-conditioned rooms and private balconies.

• MUNJOH OCEAN RESORT : This is another luxury resort located amidst betel nut and coconut trees. A natural freshwater rivulet flows through the space. Facilities include personalized services with the sole motive of providing comfort, luxury, elegance and satisfaction to the guests.

• SEA SHELL: The beachside signature resort offers a complete view of the sea and beach. The rooms are well maintained by professional staff and contain modern amenities like a coffee and tea maker. Dining facilities are available with the in-house multicuisine restaurant named “Urban Tadka” and a bar named “Fluidz” that serve mocktails, cocktails and a range of seafood. Other facilities include a swimming pool, kids play zone, spa and a jacuzzi.

• CORAL REEF RESORT: This particular resort is constructed in such a manner that the room provides a breathtaking view of the mighty sea. The rooms are spacious and well catered with all modern luxuries like refrigerator, minibar, housekeeping and private beach. Other property services include bicycle rental, pool, public Wi-Fi, and gym and fitness center and children activity zone.


Havelock island or Swaraj Dweep is well connected to Port Blair and Neil island via private ferries like Makruzz and Green Ocean. Most Andaman tour packages give you the option of prior booking the tickets to ensure a hassle-free holiday. You may also opt for the government ferries. However, it is mainly for the locals and it is not recommended as it may get highly crowded. Hence, private ferries are the ideal mode of transportation.

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