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Andaman Nicobar trip is one of the treasured trips undertaken by globetrotters every year. Nestled 1,400 kms away from the east coast of India, Andaman and Nicobar islands are a pocket full of surprises. The exotic locales, pristine sandy beaches and aquamarine seascape blended with history and romantic atmosphere are sure to render your Andaman Nicobar trip memorable. Backpackers frequently undertake Andaman Nicobar trip not only for the beauty of the islands but also for a plethora of reasons. The islands are a secluded gem hosting a bundle of joyous activities. All these reasons are sure to transform your Andaman Nicobar trip from a mundane holiday to a fun-filled vacation. If you want to explore this tourist magnet in detail, then contact Andaman Love today and plan your Andaman Nicobar trip with us.


Andaman Nicobar trip is cherished all over the world for a multitude of reasons. Let’s check out some of the top activities undertaken by tourists in the Andamans.


The Andaman islands are a hub of aqua sports and no Andaman Nicobar trip is ever complete without them. From scuba diving to snorkeling and sea walking to parasailing, you will be treated to the best travel experience. If you are a complete novice, you need not worry as you will be constantly assisted by a guide. You can opt for a one-time dive (DSD) or a certified course. All aqua sports are curated according to age and fitness. Do not miss out on aqua adventures on your Andaman Nicobar trip and get ready to be exposed to the underwater world of fantasy.

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Andaman Nicobar trip is unimaginable without beach tours. The Andaman islands are dotted with numerous virgin beaches that elevate the beauty of this place. Havelock and Neil for instance are revered worldwide for their reputed stretch of sand. Radhanagar beach, Elephant beach, Kalapathar beach, Govindnagar beach and Vijaynagar beach on Havelock and Sitapur beach, Lakshmanpur beach and Bharatpur beach on Neil are the most sought after destinations in Andamans. Here, you can treat yourself to water sports activities, lip-smacking delicacies, or witness the sherry sunrise and sunsets.

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Skim through the breathtaking islands on your Andaman Nicobar trip. Sheltering pristine destinations like Havelock, Neil, Ross, Baratang and Jolly Buoy islands, Andaman is a backpacker’s delight. While Havelock and Neil are famous for water sports activities, Ross is steeped in historical fantasies. Baratang on the other hand is a natural retreat away from the din of city life. Jolly Buoy nestles Wandoor beach, Munda Pahad beach and Chidhiya Tapu, which is again a subtle escape from the cacophonies of everyday life.

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Andaman Nicobar trip is incomplete without a platter of the most delectable seafood. Being an island, there is no dearth of seafood. The crustacean recipes, prawn curry and fish curry are of particular importance. But to say that Andamans only serve seafood is to underestimate the islands’ versatility. You can also order Bengali, South Indian, Thai, Chinese and Continental cuisines. The best restaurants to hit on your Andaman Nicobar trip are Something Different-A beachside Cafe, Full Moon Café, Fat Martin Café, Amaya, and Anju Coco. Andaman Love personally suggests Something Different- A beachside Café for their range of services, food and ambience.

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Cruise through the hotspots of shopping centers like Aberdeen Bazaar, Government Emporium, Handicraft Emporium, Anup Eco Arts, Goalghar, Junglighat, Prem Nagar and Delanipur on your Andaman Nicobar trip. You can shop for wooden handicrafts, jewellery, bamboo and cane artefacts, shell-based products, coconut carved art pieces, spices, sarongs and hats at affordable rates. So get ready to splurge it out!

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If you are seeking a fun-filled and memorable Andaman Nicobar trip, then Andaman tour packages at Andaman Love are the perfect choice for you. We offer you a range of customized holiday packages and make sure that you are provided with the best transportation system and accommodation facilities. Be it a family trip or a honeymoon, a short laid-back holiday, or an adventure tour, Andaman ensures a seamless vacation to the tropical island. So what are you waiting for? Plan your Andaman Nicobar trip with Andaman Love for the best travel experience.

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