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Andaman Nicobar hotels are most important when you are seeking a trip to the beautiful islands of Andaman Nicobar. Located approximately 1,400 kms away from the east coast of India and comprising 572 islands out of which only 37 are inhabited, Andaman and Nicobar islands are a paradise for backpackers all over the globe. The shimmering pearl white beaches, everlasting seascape and a surfeit of adventurous activities make the islands exceptional. Tourists from all over the world visit the archipelagoes in search of peace and to explore Dame Nature and underwater magic. A trip to any place around the world can be no less than a challenge as tourists have to bear in mind numerous things like budgetary constraints, time span, and places of accommodation. To steer clear of these problems, it is always advised to opt for package trips. For the purpose of accommodation, Andaman Love offers some of the best Andaman Nicobar Hotels that will surely render your vacation memorable.


There are several opulent resorts and hotels in Port Blair, Havelock, and Neil. Let’s check out some of the best Andaman Nicobar hotels for you to avail the next time you visit the islands.


• FORTUNE RESORT BAY ISLAND: Designed by Charles Correa, Fortune Resort Bay Island is constructed on several levels and is situated against a sloping hillside overlooking the sea. The place offers 44 standard rooms and 2 suites. The rooms are connected to security surveillance via CCTV and STD telephones. There is an in-house restaurant providing a buffet of seafood along with Indian, Chinese, and Continental food. The rooms contain basic facilities like air conditioning, toiletries, and private balconies. The resort also has a swimming pool. Overall, the resort is designed to provide a taste of aesthetic pleasure.

• SEA PRINCESS BEACH RESORT: Sea Princess Beach Resort is the only property to have its own private beach. This too is located on a hilltop facing the mighty Bay of Bengal. Wandoor Beach is located close to this resort. The rooms are well maintained by housekeeping and are provided with all the facilities as are expected of a 4-star resort. However, due to its interior location sightseeing becomes a little inconvenient.

• SENTINEL FAMILY RESORT: The aesthetic interior of Sentinel Family Resort blends with the backdrop of serenity and luxury. The resort has been constructed to give an exotic experience to the guests. Property amenities include free internet, complimentary breakfast, conference facilities, and concierge. Furthermore, there is an in-house restaurant that provides lip-smacking seafood. The ambiance is just perfect for an ideal vacation.

• COMFORT INN BLUE WAVES: Comfort Inn Blue Waves is located close to Veer Savarkar International Airport. Hence, it is very ideal for travelers. The hotel is committed to luxurious accommodation facilities including themed rooms, free wifi, concierge, hot bath, frequent room services, and refrigerator. In short, if you are looking for supreme relaxation then this hotel must be on the top of your checklist.

• SINCLAIRS BAY VIEW: Sinclairs Bay View is the only hotel in Port Blair that offers a view of the sea from almost all its rooms. Located on a sloping hillside, the hotel provides 43 rooms and 3 suites. The rooms are well managed by regular housekeeping and secured by CCTV and STD telephones. The hotel has a seaside garden restaurant whereby couples can dine at leisure. There are also other amenities like a swimming pool, an in-house bar named “The Alto Espirito Spanish Bar”, a banquet room, spa, free internet and complimentary breakfast. The hotel is very close to Marina Park where tourists can go for leisurely walk.


• TAJ EXOTICA RESORT AND SPA: : Taj Exotica Resort and Spa is the only resort among Andaman nicobar hotels with a 5-star rating. Located on Radhanagar beach, this resort occupies 46 acres of land. The resort is surrounded by mangroves along the shoreline and is adorned with coconut and palmyra trees. The property consists of 54 modern luxury villas and offers fun activities like yoga, swimming, coconut-tree climbing, visits to the organic garden and dancing to the tune of blues and jazz.

• BAREFOOT AT HAVELOCK: Barefoot at Havelock is the first eco-retreat of the Barefoot Group located on Beach no. 7. This posh resort abounds in ancient mahua trees and tropical fruit trees. Property amenities include beach, spa, concierge, laundry services, housekeeping, dry cleaning, air-conditioned rooms and private balcony. The resort is highly well-maintained and secured with safety equipment.

• MUNJOH OCEAN RESORT: Munjoh Ocean Resort is located amidst betel nut and coconut trees with a natural freshwater rivulet flowing through the space. Personalized services are offered to provide comfort, luxury, elegance and satisfaction to guests.

• SEA SHELL: The beachside signature Sea Shell imparts a mesmerizing view of the clear seawater and coconut trees. The rooms are well maintained with trained professional staff and modern amenities are available. Guests are offered dining facilities at the in-house multi-cuisine restaurant named “Urban Tadka” and a bar named “Fluidz.” They serve delectable mocktails, cocktails and a range of sumptuous seafood. There is also a swimming pool, kids’ play zone, spa and jacuzzi.

• CORAL REEF RESORT: The architecture of Coral Reef reeks of elegance. The rooms are spacious and catered with all modern amenities like a refrigerator, minibar, housekeeping and private beach. Other property services include bicycle rental, pool, public Wi-Fi, gym and fitness center and children activity zone.


• SILVERSAND BEACH RESORT: Silversand Beach is one of the best-rated resorts among Andaman Nicobar hotels set along the pristine Neil Kendra beach. The resort combines urban and rural features which impart a touch of elegance. The resort is set within an area of 19 sq. kms. Property amenities involve front desk, free parking, complimentary breakfast, complimentary toiletries, pool, beach, taxi services and business center with internet access. The rooms and the suites are well-equipped with security facilities.

• SEA SHELL SAMSSARA: Sea Shell Samssara has a rating of 4.5 stars among Andaman Nicobar hotels and is designed to provide an exquisite experience to guests. All the rooms are well-conditioned and maintained by regular housekeeping. Amongst other facilities are a gym center, garden, bar, beach and a pool. The guest rooms contain seating areas and the entire space is connected by public Wi-Fi.

• SYMPHONY SUMMER SANDS BEACH RESORT: Symphony Summer Sands Beach Resort comprises 5 villages. It offers 62 rooms and suites. There are several property amenities like free parking, bicycle rental, complimentary breakfast, BBQ facilities and a banquet room. The rooms are well-conditioned comprising complimentary toiletries, minibar and coffee and tea maker.

• PEARL PARK BEACH RESORT: Pearl Park is located very close to Laxmanpur beach. The resort offers good hospitality and a stay full of indulgence. You will be pampered with a good open space, swimming pool and personalized services.

• HOLIDAY INN RESORT: Holiday Inn Beach Resort offers services par excellence. The rooms come under four different categories namely Neil Plaza, Paradise, Lagoon Vista and Crane Sea Villa. All the rooms are well furnished with basic amenities. The entire property is secured by free Wi-Fi. Furthermore, you can always personalize your services.

Andaman and Nicobar islands are fraught with enthralling activities and surreal destinations. The luxurious resorts charted above are some of the best Andaman Nicobar hotels. They are guaranteed to make your accommodation comfortable, safe, and secure. So book your package trip to Andaman with Andaman Love( immediately and make your holiday all the more gratifying.

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