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Andaman Beach Tour 2021 | 5 Best Beaches To Cover -Read Now


Andaman beach tour offers an enticing getaway to the lands of tropical bliss. If you are craving clear skies, azure seawater, pristine white beaches and a romantic environment, then Andaman Nicobar islands are a perfect choice. Hailed as one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in India the Andaman islands are steeped in soul-searching activities. The untouched natural beauty of the islands mixed with historical magnificence has attracted globetrotters for centuries. The islands also boast of a stunning underwater cosmos waiting to be traversed. It is not an unknown fact that the Andaman islands are one of the most popular beach destinations in India. Andaman beach tour will hence, help you explore the virgin beaches of the islands at ease. Get ready to be enchanted by the sight of turquoise sea water kissing the crystal sands on your Andaman beach tour.

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Radhanagar beach is a slice of paradise in Andamans and a must-visit tourist destination on Andaman beach tour. Since Havelock island is one of the most visited tourist spots, Radhanagar beach is most certainly frequented by all. In 2004, the beach was conferred the title of Asia’s best beach by Time’s Magazine. The vast expanses of white beach gently caressed by soothing sea waves are bound to trigger the wanderlust in you. The other end of the coastal line is adorned by lush greenery which further adds charm to the place. Famously called Beach. 7, it is also revered for beautiful sherry sunrises and sunsets. Make sure to visit Radhanagar beach on your Andaman beach tour.


Elephant beach is one of the unique destinations covered by Andaman beach tour. Boasting of variegated coral reefs, Elephant beach is famous for snorkeling. The beach is renowned for its idyllic beauty and peaceful ambience. The beach is ideal for small expeditions and picnics. You can indulge in relaxation, dip your toes in the cool seawater, click a thousand photographs, get a tan, or simply enjoy laid-back moments. In short, Elephant beach is an indispensable part of an Andaman beach tour.


Located half a kilometer from the jetty, Bharatpur is the most visited beach on Neil island. Andaman beach tour is incomplete without a trip to Bharatpur beach. It looks straight out of an artists’ canvas. The serene atmosphere blended with soothing wind makes it ideal for a romantic getaway. It is also suited for a family tour or a solo trip. The ceaseless stretch of water touching the horizon is a treat to sore eyes. Bharatpur beach is also renowned for mesmerizing sunrise views. The beach is also famous for hosting a bunch of water sports activities like glass-bottom boat rides, snorkelling and scuba diving. Make sure that you include a trip to Bharatpur beach while chalking out your Andaman beach tour.


Visit one of the most beautiful beaches of Andaman on your Andaman beach tour. Wandoor beach is located close to Wandoor village from where it derived the name. The solitary nature of the beach makes it more attractive. You can opt for a glass-bottom boat ride or simply go swimming. You can also visit Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park which is located close by.


Explore Corbyn’s Cove beach on your Andaman beach tour. The beach is located very close to Port Blair. Unlike the rest of the beaches mentioned, Corbyn’s Cove is famous for other activities like shopping and food. You can gobble up the local snacks available at the beach shops or shop for clothes and accessories. You can also stroll through the lines of coconut trees adorning the seashore or participate in water sports activities.

Andaman beach tour is fraught with rejuvenating experiences. Being one of the most renowned beach destinations in India, the Andaman Islands offer a tranquil escapade. To impart the best holiday experience, Andaman Love has designed an exclusive Andaman beach tour. Be it a family vacation, a honeymoon or a solo trip, Andaman Love is your one-stop destination that caters to all your travel needs. Visit our website or contact us at Andaman Love to plan a surreal Andaman beach tour.

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